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A good outlet

lvoutlet The United States two semi-official real estate financial agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac said, in order to support the real estate industry and the purchase of a large number of mortgage loan has serious problems, asked the United States Bank Foreclosure these loans; many institutional investors bought from these mortgages secured bonds, when the borrower to repay the loan when the stop, these bonds all default, Louisvuittonoutlet  investors demanding compensation. In October 18, 2010, the Blackstone Group and Pacific Investment management company asked the United States banks to redeem these $47000000000 worth of bonds, worse such events may still continue to occur. The very next day, Bank of America announced in the third quarter to $872000000 to redeem these mortgages, and the first quarter of the second quarter is $1250000000, $526000000. But despite this, in order to show the capital of the company in good condition, Moynihan was announced to raise the level of dividends, and extra redemption of Fannie and Freddie $3000000000 mortgage.
outletLouisvuitton United Bank CEO John ( John Kanas ) - corners have been Moynihan supporters, but this time he said, Moynihan is perhaps an experienced executive, but it is not an experienced CEO, he made a big mistake -- transition commitment.
In March this year, the Fed refused American banks hope to improve during the second half of 2011 dividend requirements. Fed on including American silver, JP Morgan, Citigroup and Wells Fargo, four largest bank in the United States were the financial status of the investigation, and the only refused to increase dividends is the United States of America bank. In April, the United States bank was forced to announce and Assured Guaranty ( AGO ) signed a $1600000000 deal, used to cover the insurance company for mortgage-backed bonds to provide compensation. 5 early, many private investors for the United States banks to redeem the $1400000000 mortgage bonds, $400000000 more than expected. At the end of 5, Mooney and Fannie agreement signed by exposure, the state-owned holding company decided to accelerate the United States mortgage bank repurchase requirements. In June, the United States banks promised compensation for Blackstone and Pacific Investment Management Company a total of $8500000000. Although the United States bank 2010 revenues of more than $111200000000, are fully capable to assume the debt, but most people worry that the uncertainty about the future, including Bank of America all not clear Countrywide Financial Corporation will cause much damage.

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Re: A good outlet

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Re: A good outlet

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