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a) The term – Profit is an ambiguous concept which is not having precies connotation. E.g. profits can be long term or short term and the profits can be before tax or after tax and so on. In case the profit maximization is accepted as the goal of finance function, the next question that arises is – “Which types of profits should be maximized?”

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Under the circumstances as mentioned above, profit maximization cannot be the prime objective of the finance function.

Wealth maximization:
Due to the limitations attached with the profit maximisation as an objective of the finance function, it is no more accepted as the basic objective. Nowadays, the objective of the business should be to maximize its wealth and value of the shares of the company and this object can also be stated as maximization of value.
The value of an asset is not judged in terms of its cost but in terms of the benefit it produces.

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