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There are several factors that determine the durability of a thatched roof to ensure it lasts longer. Proper maintenance of thatched roofing helps prevent the costs associated with renovation in the future. It is also better and cost effective to fix damages done to the roof by birds or storms immediately it occurs. Any little crack in the masonry of the ridge can fixed easily through re-thatching.
It is important to fix any crack in the affected areas quickly in order to prevent water seeping in. This will ultimately lead to more damages and increased costs. It has been observed that Algae http://www.hockeybluesteamshop.com/Blue … as-Jersey/ , moss and fungi are known to be major causes of damage to thatched roofs. Maintenance works carried out on these types of roof over the last few years have focused on the control of these organisms and this has contributed to their long life span.
Owners of houses with thatched roofs are usually advised to ensure that they are cleaned and re-tightened at least once every year. If thatched roofs are cared for and maintained, they last longer. This also prevents the growth of fungi on the roof. It is more cost effective to clean them regularly.
There are various things that help keep thatched roofs in good condition. Some of these include regular care and cleaning, minor repairs, controlling the presence of algae and moss and trimming the surrounding trees.
Thatched roofs are usually cleaned by hand with the aid of a rake. This helps clear every form of debris sticking on them. Cleaning is advisable in the dry season as it helps loosen the grip of fungi on the roof. Though people believe that removing fungi and dirt from thatched roofs leads to damage, a careful and professional touch takes care of that.
Trees and bushes around the house should be cleared. The roof requires the effect of the wind and sun to dry so it is best to remove all trees and bushes which shield it from this. Most times http://www.hockeybluesteamshop.com/Blue … as-Jersey/ , the trees which overlap a roof help store rainwater that will eventually destroy the roof. This leads to the growth of fungi as a result of permanent dampness and moisture. This debris which accumulates on the roof should be removed at least once every year.
These organisms can be controlled easily if the roof is kept dry. It is necessary to expose thatched roofs to the sun and wind. It is recommended that an algaecide be applied on the roof during the dry season. This chemical is sprayed on the roof and helps to control the growth of fungi. It is a simple inexpensive method that increases the life span of your roof. The outward appearance of the roof also gets brighter.
If this regular cleaning of not done, it will cost more later on. After performing maintenance works, an additional protective treatment has to take place. If not, these organisms will appear again on the roof within one year. Ideally, you should consider re-thatching and replace the current material with new ones.
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