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While you may be excited at having a perfect eyesight restored after your LASIK eye surgery Cheap Jerseys Online , being able to walk out of the clinic on the same day as your procedure doesn?t mean you can go jump back into your regular routine at once. Instead, here are some tips on precautions to take and what to avoid and you should be on your way to a smooth, speedy recovery.

Wear protective eye goggles

It is recommended to wear eye goggles for at least one to two weeks after your surgery to prevent any damage from movements while you are sleeping or contamination from soap or shampoo while bathing. If possible, avoid showering for the first day after surgery. Wearing protective eye shields could also prevent you from unknowingly rubbing your eyes while sleeping. Alternatively, you can use eye masks or patches.

Refrain from wearing makeup for a period after surgery

This is especially so for eye makeup like mascara, eye liner and eye shadow as particles can irritate the eye area or even get into your eye Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , leaving it vulnerable to infection. Some surgeons also recommend avoiding makeup a few days before the procedure. Check with your surgeon to before your scheduled surgery and after to determine when you can resume wearing makeup.

Avoid playing sports

Sports is a big no no after your surgery as your sense depth and perception may still be off balance and needs time to readjust. Avoid contact sports especially for at least a month. The last you?d want after your surgery is having a ball or racket hit you in the face!

Take this post op opportunity to rest

Follow your doctor?s advice to keep your eyes shut as much as possible in the two days post surgery and what better way to do this then catch up on your beauty rest! Reading, watching TV, or being in front of the computer can strain and easily tire your eyes so grab some eye shut instead. This will allow the surgical site to heal and keep out debris from entering your eye.

Protect your eyes from light with sunglasses

After surgery, your eyes may be momentarily extra sensitive to light so remember to bring a pair of shades with you on the day of the procedure to shield your eyes from UV light that could cause retinal damage on your way back. You might even want to wear your sunglasses indoor if there are bright lights around. Also, the sunglasses will protect your eyes from dust and particles in the air that could irritate your eyes.

Use the eye drops religiously

Keep your special eye drops with you and use as directed by your surgeon. These moistening or anti inflammatory drops help prevent infection and are essential to the healing process so remember to use them to avoid any dryness or discomfort.

Fix a follow up appointment with your surgeon

Your surgeon should see you once post op to make sure that you?re healing on the right track without any complications or major side effects. He will also examine your eyes to make sure that the surgery was a success one.

Follow these tips and you should be healing fine and on your way to enjoying your renewed vision. While it will remain blurry or hazy the day after your surgery, apart from the precautions to take Cheap Jerseys From China , your life should be back on track a few days later. A mild burning sensation or slight pain might be normal immediately after, but do consult your surgeon if you accidentally hurt your eye or feel any discomfort you think you shouldn?t still be experiencing.
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Alison Lee has been a healthcare professional for the past decade. Her interest lies in educating the public about eyecare treatments, such as lasik surgery, bladeless lasik and epi lasik. http:www.eagleeyecentre.sg

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