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which I believe is related

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This leads me to the fourth question that you must ask yourself while selecting a niche for your website: Are you a member of your target market?

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When I create my own website and select a niche, I am naturally drawn to niches in which I am a member of the target market and that is likely to happen for you as well.

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You know what the people in your target market are experiencing and have some insight into what they think about. Hopefully, you know some of their biggest problems and questions which they may be searching for answers to.

That said, if you are not a member of the target market for a niche you are seriously considering, it doesn't mean you have to completely ditch that niche.

What you have to do is gain access to members of the targeted market to gain the insider information you don't already know.

The easiest way to do this is to talk to people you know who are members of the target market, but another option is to immerse yourself in the market and try to gain that personal firsthand information before you get your business going full steam.

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