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Bilal El Amrani
   helmet seems to be of good quality, looks very realistic. I'm sure my five year old is going to live it. the jersey isn't the best I've seen but I would of paid 25 for the helmet alone so I wont complain to much.
Oumayma Messai Eps Trabelsi
   100% cotton. What else a mother want in a bed sheet for kids!?smile great quality, lovely color, my baby girl loves it.
Pekka Salonen
   These are the first shorts I have purchased this year that actually follow their size chart. They are perfect so I will buying more of them. I bought two more pair and they are great.
Ronald Somido Garing
   My son has been wanting a Saints jersey for two years.  Competititve price and delivered as promised for Christmas.  Would order similar again
Liam Todd Greenhalgh
   A little on the big side, but better to be to big than small. Good quality, works great. has a pen pocket in the pocket.
Ibby Ozturk
   Comfortable and very bright biking shirt. Exactly what I wanted. People comment that there is no way they couldn't see me. Everything I've bought with the Pearl Izumi brand has been good quality and comfortable.

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